Whether your in the shower or cleaning, singing brings a little extra something to the moment.  The next time you find yourself tra-la-la-ing along remember not only is it fun, but there are many other benefits as well!
1.  Increased control over breath -useful in our shallow breathing society!
2.  Better posture- to get good sound you need to stand or sit up straight.
3. Sense of levity and contentedness.
 4. Allows for the creativity to flow- especially when you make up your own songs, which I love to do.
 5. Expresses your feelings in the moment and can uplift your feelings as well.
 6. Adds play and fun to whatever activity your doing.
 7. Relaxes the mind and the body.
 8. Bond with friends and make new friends!
 9. Brighten up others day with the sound of happy singing.
 10. Helps you complete mundane tasks.
 11. Gives your life your own personal sound track.
 12. Immersion of self into group consciousness- that wonderful feeling of being us.

  So take the hint from the birds and sing everyday for any occasion and watch your life lighten-up with the sounds of joy. It's fun creating a life for yourself and enjoying it with your own unique soundtrack.

Where is your favorite place to sing?  In the shower, in the car?  What's your favorite music to sing?
Leave your response, comments, and question below.  Don't be shy!  We'd love to hear from you.


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