Are you stuck in life wondering what you are here for and what you want to get out of this lifetime?  Do you feel like the aliveness of living has been sucked out, dulled down, or lost in the details of just getting by?  Well then today's your lucky day, because today we are going to do a fun little exercise in awakening the dreamer in you again.

Let's Get Started
First find a place where you can sit quietly for about 20 minutes with out interruption.  Bring a pencil and paper with you.  Next we need to get out the gunk that may be clogging your dreaming perspective.  If you have any pressing issues that won't stop calling for your attention write them out on a sheet of paper with the intention that it is OK to give yourself this small break and they will receive your attention again once you are finished.  Otherwise emotionally and mentally drop the world for right now.  Take a few minutes to stretch and massage any soar points of your body.  After that is complete sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Starting with the exhale first (I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but go along with me here) pushing as much air out as you can, then smoothly inhale (try not gulping it in).  Keep your breathing smooth and steady during this exploring journey.  When the breath is steady and smooth it calms the body.  When the body is relaxed the mind calms down.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments.  

Revitalize the Imagination
Now imagine a serene landscape.  It may be the vast glistening blue ocean, or a lush mountain scape speckled with colorful wildflowers.  Maybe it's a sparkling river who's edges are lined with trees dancing with the wind.  Take some time to just enjoy the view, the freedom, the simplicity.  If other thoughts pop into your head, it's OK.  Don't resist or fight to get them out.  Just let them be and gently refocus on the scenery.  Feel the peace of the serene landscape.

                                   Check in with your breathing once in a while to make
                            sure it's smooth and steady. 

In this space you can have anything you wish and desire.  Anything can be created for you.  Imagine that you already have all of the love, security, connection, and joy you need.  You are free, at peace, and have a strong connection with your heart.  There are no obstacles to obtaining any needed resources, skills, money, or talent.  You can create whatever it is that you wish. 

Finding the Feeling
From this space imagine the answers to the following questions.  What is it that you are doing with your life?  Can you imagine how it looks and feels to be engaged in your favorite activities?  Do you see the people who are participating with you?  How would this shape your day to day living?  You are receiving a stable supporting income from any activity you wish.  What activity or activities are you doing?  Who are you helping?  What challenges are you helping solve?  Sometimes the mind tries to slip in the doubts and "I can't because" at this point, so gently remind it this is your imagination. There are no limits here.  Take some time now to go through and go into these images and feelings.  Remember you are an explorer here to discover a feeling. The questions are the map, your imagination is the land, and the feelings of happiness, excitement, passion, and joy are your compass.  When you've found the feeling make an intent to hold that feeling in your heart for the rest of the day.

Bringing It Back Home
After you are satisfied with this journey return your attention on your breathing.  Feel it's smooth and steady flow.  Take some time to slowly open your eyes and stretch a little.  Write down any insights you gleaned from awakening the dreamer in you.  Any feelings, inspiration, and your experience.  As you continue exploring your inner landscape regularly, you'll find it get's easier and more powerful.  The connections you make during your journeys and the feelings you experience will start to build and carry over into your day to day life.  It will bring you clarity of purpose and rejuvenation of spirit.

The Awakened Dreamer
Everyone can dream, but sometimes we forget how when we get bogged down by the stress of life's details and trying to just get by.  Spending a little time each day having fun as explorers of our inner landscape helps us wake up the dreamer in us.  The insights we gain help us align our external world with our inner core's desires and brings about a fresh perspective for life.  It unblock limitations we've unconsciously and consciously put on ourselves and brings us a clarity of purpose.  You can follow your passion and truly create your ideal life once you know what that passion is.  So fellow dreamer what is your dream?

Post your comments & questions below.

What is happiness?  We are going to go over a few points that will hopefully help you understand how simple having an unlimited amount of happiness in your life is.

What Happiness Isn't
Let's just get what happiness isn't cleared up, so you can see happiness from a different perspective.
**   Happiness is not an end result.  It's not something that you have to work for or have to wait till X,Y,Z happens to feel.  It's a part of you.
**   Happiness from material goods will wear off once you're use to what it is that you have.
**   Happiness from a superficial relationship will also wear off once you are use to it. 
**   Happiness isn't money, fame, power, or a certain job.
**  Happiness isn't something someone else gives you.  It's an attitude inside of you based the perspective you've chosen to move from.  Awareness, the power of choice, and a smile can & will help you if you need a change of attitude. 

What Happiness Is
**  Happiness lives in the moment.
**  Happiness is an attitude.
** Happiness is natural & simple. When you are relaxed, at peace, & engaged you find yourself feeling happy.
**  You can feel happiness by watching someone else be happy.  We are empathetic beings, we share feelings.
**  Happiness comes from being able to share deeper aspects of yourself with a partner, a friend, or a family member.
**  Happiness is growth.
**  Happiness is feeling your natural freedom.
**  Happiness comes from being able to accept yourself as you are in this moment.
**  Happiness comes from accepting life as it is.
**  Happiness is being able to positively contribute to a larger group and a larger vision.
**  A smile that comes from your heart shows happiness.
**  Happiness can come from positive memories.
**  Happiness is being able to express yourself and your truth.
**  Happiness is a part of you.
**  Happiness builds on itself like the snowball effect.  You can always experience more happiness.
**  Happiness is accepting those around you without needing to change them.
**  Happiness is friendship and having loved ones you can count on to be there for you.
**  Happiness is being able to breath.
**  Happiness is watching the flow of the world around you.

Happiness is simple, accessible, and a part of you.  You don't need much in order to feel it and there is an unlimited amount of supply available for you with the right lens to view life from.  So what are you waiting for?  It's time to put on that radiant smile of yours and light your happiness shine!

Post you questions & comments below.

John Hunter is an outstanding human being.  From his humble presence, to his gratitude for his teachers.  John is truly a man changing the world.  Everyday in his classroom he helps shape the minds and attitudes of 4th graders in an exceptional way.  He's very real with his students and has built a trusting relationship that allows them to grow in their creative thinking and personal responsibility.  John also created the World Peace Game.  This 4'x4'x4' master piece takes our very real world problems and allows children to solve them.  The most amazing part?  The children do!  They've solved global warming, wars, and economic crisis.  

The World Peace Game has 4 countries which are named by the kids.  Each country has assets, some are rich, some are poor. The countries have a prime minister, cabinet (which is chosen by the prime minister), and militaries.  There's a world bank, arms dealers, and even a sabatour.  Are you excited about this game yet?  Wait there is more!  They have a United Nations and even a weather goddess who controls a random stock of weather. What really makes this game even more incredible is the  13 page crisis document.  Held within this document are 50 interlocking problems.  When one thing changes in any of the problems everything else is changed by it.  They also read The Art of War by  Sun Tzu and understand it.  They learn about power and how to control impulsive decision making for a more long term view of solutions.  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  John is taking it to the next level by allowing the kids to run the show.  He has no chance of making any policy and stands by watching as they make their choices, even when it looks like the worst.  The last story, which starts at 17:05 mins into the talk, had tears of joy welling up in my eyes.  The humanity in us collectively is outstanding, and sometimes it takes kids to remind us of that.

All in all, John deserves a huge pat on the back for a job well done.  This game could change the way children learn to solve critical issues around the globe and empower them to be powerful creators as they grow older.  All while having a really great time!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get my hands on this game.  

What would the world be like if everyone played a game like The World Peace Game?  
Post your comments & questions below.
Ahh the wonderful world of perception.  This is one of my favorite subjects and Rory Sutherland did a smashing job explaining how perception shapes our world.  From reminding us of things we forget about 3:06 mins into the video to his many examples starting about 7:15 mins into the video till the end, Rory helped me grow what I know about perception.   One example that I found very relevant was about taxation.  He said in the west we have a great debate over taxation.  Maybe we should be discussing instead our control over where our taxes go.  Comparing putting tax money into "health care" vs. funding a hospital ward for the same amount. I loved that idea!  The other main point that I re-watched several times was that we give too much priority to technical solutions.  Instead we could be keeping technology, psychology, and economy as equals.  Looking to the sweet spot where they all meet to provide us with answers.  The story of the Eurostar train illustrates this idea with it's cheaper alternatives that could have added psychological value.  His other example of the car toll booths also illustrates this idea.

Take Away
  •  Reframing is very powerful. 
  •  What you call it actually effects how you react to it.
  •  Perception is leaky.
  •  Choose your frame of reference.
  • Impressions have a huge effect on what we think and do.

Rory Sutherland's talk is inspiring and opens new frontiers on how we can create the next greatest vision of our world by understanding how perception shapes our lives.
Do you have other videos or books you would recommend for perception?
Post your recommendations below. 
In our last blog, we checked out the basic 3 parts to lifestyle design. Today we are going to see how you did making the links between your life and build the next layer of understanding lifestyle design.

The Game
So how did you do with the last blogs game? Were you able to make some of the links?
 Did you learn something new about life?  Life is complex when you break it a part and look at the pieces.  Yet is simple when you look at the big picture.

Health is the condition of your mind, body, and soul. Why is it not just the body? This is because your body's health is intimitaley intertwined with your mind and soul. To simplify your body is effected by your mind and your soul. Many people don't realize this and suffer from a large variety of ailments, wondering why they can't seem to get healthy. In future blogs we will weave the threads together so you can see how exactly this happens.  Health can be broken down into nutrition, exercise, breathing, handling stress, and mental attitudes.

                                    Health is the condition of your mind, body, and soul. 

Wealth is the internal and external abundance we experience in our lives.  Abundance does not necessarily mean savings.  Abundance is having what you need, when you need it.  In the west we see abundance as dead stuff that we love surrounding ourselves with (cars, houses, toys, ect) as well as how big our paycheck, savings, or retirement accounts are.  Wealth goes deeper than this. I can say from first hand experience that you don't need much to see the incredible amount of everything that is just given to us all the time. Wealth can be broken down into our business/work lives, financial knowledge & habits, our beliefs about abundance & money, finances, and the stuff of our lives.

                        Abundance is having what you need, when you need it. 

Lifestyle is more than just the activities we participate in on a daily basis.  Lifestyle our personal path in a world full of possibilities.  It's our personal and cultural style of why, how, and where we live along with what we value having in life.  It spans from our spiritual beliefs, to what kind of products we buy and how we spend our time.  It can be broken down into the beliefs that operate our lives, habits & time management, where we physically live at, hobbies and passions, spiritual beliefs, personal growth, and cultural way of life.

            Lifestyle is our personal path in a world full of possibilities. 

The Foundation is Built
Understanding this next layer of lifestyle design is building a solid foundation for you to master creating your ideal life.  Take some time this week to mull these points over.  In our upcoming blogs we'll go on adventures exploring all of these pieces and how they can help you live a more fulfilled, uplifted life.

What area do you want to explore first?
Post your questions & comments below...

Are you curious about what really makes up lifestyle design?  Today we are going to begin breaking down the parts that make up our lives and building up a deeper understanding of the tapestry we call "us" . We are dissecting Lifestyle Design.

Building a Foundation
When I was first learning about lifestyle design it seemed like everyone had a different viewpoint about what really makes up the parts of our lives.  While there were many similarities they all still left me wondering what the most basic version of lifestyle design looks like.  I hope this will not be the case for you dear reader, since today we are laying down the foundations for the concepts behind lifestyle design.

They all still left me wondering what the 
                                                 most basic version of lifestyle design looks like 

3 Parts to Lifestyle Design
To find the most simple and basic version of lifestyle design we must go into the business world, where this idea was first introduced to me.  While taking a business class online the teacher mentioned that the only areas one would want to focus on for products was health, wealth, and lifestyle.  At first I didn't agree until I took a deeper look at what was comprised in each one.  The wheels got turning and a light bulb went off after looking at all the pieces these 3 parts covered.  What I found was that these 3 parts fit everything a person could hope for in there lives.  By viewing lifestyle design at this very basic level it connected what the average lifestyle design coaches endorses  and gave me a foundation I could connect to.  It was easy to understand and provided a vivid basis to build up ones concept of lifestyle design.  The 3 parts are health, wealth, and lifestyle.  These parts hold all of our dreams and realities for our lives across the globe.  They can be applied to anyone at any age during anytime. 

           These parts hold all of our dreams and realities
            for our lives across the globe 

Let's Play a Game
Before I tell how each part of you life falls under these 3 categories, let's see if you can make the links yourself.  Take some time to think about the different hats you wear during the day.  What part would they fit under?  What about the activities you are engaged in, which category would they fit into.   In an upcoming blog we'll build up the next layer of lifestyle design and see how many things in your life you fit under the right category.

Having a Foundation Makes Creation Easier
Lifestyle design is something we all have to do.  It's a lot easier when you can have a framework to create from and a deeper understanding of how each facet of you interconnects with the rest of the tapestry called your life. 

Do you think all of life's realities and dreams can fit under these 3 parts?
Post your comments and questions below.

This past weekend I encountered a small but relevant epiphany.   It was about who was controlling my life.

It was Sunday morning, 6 am, I awoke. Immediately I got up, looked at the time, at went into my living room to begin getting some work done. I figured I had a few hours to get stuff done before my sweetheart woke up. Staring at the computer screen for the next 3 hours I worked in silence. Although my back started hurting, I ignored it and continued be engrossed in “getting stuff done”. Around the 3rd hour I started getting grumpy and negative about all the work I needed to do, and all the projects I was juggling. When my mind and emotions kept feeling negative a piece of me said stop! From past experiences I knew if my mind was going in the grumpy direction something was out of balance. I took stock of my body first. I hadn't eaten breakfast and I'd barely moved for 3 hours. My body ached. I needed to move and use my body and most importantly I needed to give myself a day long break from working. Now this next point, I'm not very proud of. I had been working 7 days a week for the past few weeks. To me, that's not living in balance. I was feeling the burn out of having the ongoing to do list spin through my mind regularly. 
                                    When my mind and emotions kept feeling negative                                  
                                 a piece of me said stop!       

So what did I do?  I stopped working.   Mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I turned the laptop off, I turned my phone off, and I spent time taking care of the outdoor enthusiast in me.  I made a delicious breakfast for my sweetheart & me. Then we went hiking for half of a day.  Being in the nature and working up a sweat revitalized my energies and attitude.  It brought the wonder and play back into my reality, and strengthened my relationship.  It reminded me that I am the one in control of my activities. That I live my life and do what I do because they are things I enjoy doing. That while I may take on more projects, I can still put them down, and make them wait so that I may live in harmony and balance with myself. For me, the point of living and participating isn't about who works the hardest, or gets the most done. It's about being able to spend time do the things that nurture my soul with the people I love the most.

                      It reminded me that I am the one in control of my activities.  

Sometimes we forget who is running the show.   It creeps in a little everyday with time pressures, people waiting for us to do our part of the work, and the work itself.  Luckily for me it only took an aching back and some grumpy thoughts to realize I was heading in an unbalanced direction.  It's much easier to correct a little unbalance instead of ignoring it until is a big problem.  So today take stock and ask yourself who is running the show in your life?

 Post your comments & questions below. 

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In the last blog we covered what Lifestyle Design was and 3 basic categories people fall under has lifestyle designers.  In today's blog we're going to look at some of the challenges I've faced with designing my ideal life and how I was able to over come them.
We Are All Lifestyle Designers
Whether or not people realize it, we are all lifestyle designers.  Many years ago I realized this about myself and it changed the course of my life. Since then I've been learning, exploring, experimenting, and searching for my ideal life.  I've studied everything from spirituality to business. Watching nature and Ted Talks.  Looking for core truths upon which I may lay solid foundations to build my life upon.  On this journey of creating a life I've hit many challenges.  Here are just a few of what I've encountered so far.

                                                                   Living is a fluid, evolving, growing process.  

The Challenges & Solutions
Challenge - Defining Success
The first part of lifestyle design is knowing what you want. It took me a while to define what success means and looks like to me.
>> Following my passions even when they were jumping all over the place. Eventually the pieces slid together and started forming my idea of what I want to get out of this lifetime. 
>> Doing the inner world work. For me that meant asking the bigger questions in life, sorting through my emotional garbage, and studying the beliefs I held about myself, the world, god, and the purpose of being alive.
 >> Taking time out to sit with new knowledge and reconnect with my heart. I'd participated in a lot of different groups (each one carrying their own definitions of success), and it was easy to get caught up in their excitement of what they thought success was. Taking a time out to sit with the new perspectives I'd gained allowed me to digest the information and get guidance from my heart. The guidance came as feeling light, inspired, and alive. If I felt that way about something I knew I was on the right track.

Challenge- Creating a Balanced Life
Finding the balance between work, play, spirituality, finances, relationships, charity, and hobbies.

>>My definition of success helped me create a larger vision of my life. From that I made a mission statement and created a simple plan to reach my definition of success. Of course it's a work in progress, but it has helped guide my decisions about what to focus my time and energy on.
>>When I was my plan refer I'd go back to my mission statement and ask “does this fit?”
>>Keep everything very simple. Everything. Life is already complicated enough, by keeping things simple it frees up mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Challenge- Managing Time
Juggling business, relationships, hobbies, daily life, and sanity!
>>Re-reading goals regularly helps keep me connected to the larger picture, which in turns keeps me focusing my time and energy on what matters the most.
>>Using the 80/20 rule. Finding out what 20% of my input is creating the 80% of the results I want, then focusing on those activities.
>>Planning my week. With so many responsibilities to be juggling everything needed to have a space and time dedicated to it. Sitting down at the beginning of each week, looking at what needs to get done and what I want to get done has allowed me to plan for it. It's increased my productivity, helped me hone my focus, and helps me to see the bigger picture during the week.
>>Understand what the internal hierarchy of priorities are. I wrote down what I thought my priorities are and then compared that with what I was actually doing. This helped me examine the differences, explore the beliefs I was holding, and ultimately helped me shift my activities and beliefs to give me better support in my life.

Lifestyle design is something we all are already doing. If we take the time to define what success is to us, create a balanced life from the larger vision, and manage time we will all be living, building, and growing our dream lives.

What challenges do you have with lifestyle design? Post your comments & questions below!

Wordle: If Life is Art...
Lifestyle design is consciously and intentionally using your mind, body, and soul to create your life. In this 2 part blog we are going to examine 3 types of lifestyle designers, some of the challenges that I've encountered in creating an ideal life, and some tips on how to over come these challenges.  

3 Categories of Lifestyle Designers
  Every one has to live their life, but not every one sees themselves as the designer of their life.  From what I've seen there are three basic categories of lifestyle designers that people fall under.      

The first category is made up of people that realize they are the results of their intentions and actions.  They have found what it is that they want, they've made their plan (aka the steps to get there) and they are following them.  They've often taken the time to ask the bigger questions in life and plan on getting the maximum out of their short time here on Earth.  To them living is an art.  An expression of who they are at their core and an impression they want to leave in the world.  
                                                                     When you get the results your were going for,
                                                         you feel the excitement of being a creator.

The second category are those people who feel life is out of their control and are doing what everyone else is telling them they should/should not be doing.  They can feel lost and apathetic.  They fill up their time with meaningless activities to keep them distracted from having to ask the bigger questions in life. Their plan is to keep riding the waves of life, usually pretty miserably, and wait for something better to be presented to them. 

                               People, schools, and culture are their to help us discover our true selves, 
                                                   not dictate to us how we should be living our lives.

The third category are people who are moving from the second category into the first.  They are explorers and adventures.  Still lost, but it has dawned on them that the world is full of opportunities and they are full of the capability to learn and grow.  They are searching for the bigger questions and want to live a meaningful life filled with all of the joys and wonders of being alive. They may have facets of their lives intentionally laid out, but are still seeking to have the complete ideal life.

                                                                        Your path maybe untraveled but 
                                                                            there is always help near by.

The world is a mix of all three types of people.  What category are you in?  What category do you want to be in?  

Tomorrow we'll learn more about Lifestyle Design.  We'll take look at some of the challenges I've faced with Lifestyle Design and how I over came those challenges.

  Post your comments & questions below.


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