Are you stuck in life wondering what you are here for and what you want to get out of this lifetime?  Do you feel like the aliveness of living has been sucked out, dulled down, or lost in the details of just getting by?  Well then today's your lucky day, because today we are going to do a fun little exercise in awakening the dreamer in you again.

Let's Get Started
First find a place where you can sit quietly for about 20 minutes with out interruption.  Bring a pencil and paper with you.  Next we need to get out the gunk that may be clogging your dreaming perspective.  If you have any pressing issues that won't stop calling for your attention write them out on a sheet of paper with the intention that it is OK to give yourself this small break and they will receive your attention again once you are finished.  Otherwise emotionally and mentally drop the world for right now.  Take a few minutes to stretch and massage any soar points of your body.  After that is complete sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Starting with the exhale first (I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but go along with me here) pushing as much air out as you can, then smoothly inhale (try not gulping it in).  Keep your breathing smooth and steady during this exploring journey.  When the breath is steady and smooth it calms the body.  When the body is relaxed the mind calms down.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments.  

Revitalize the Imagination
Now imagine a serene landscape.  It may be the vast glistening blue ocean, or a lush mountain scape speckled with colorful wildflowers.  Maybe it's a sparkling river who's edges are lined with trees dancing with the wind.  Take some time to just enjoy the view, the freedom, the simplicity.  If other thoughts pop into your head, it's OK.  Don't resist or fight to get them out.  Just let them be and gently refocus on the scenery.  Feel the peace of the serene landscape.

                                   Check in with your breathing once in a while to make
                            sure it's smooth and steady. 

In this space you can have anything you wish and desire.  Anything can be created for you.  Imagine that you already have all of the love, security, connection, and joy you need.  You are free, at peace, and have a strong connection with your heart.  There are no obstacles to obtaining any needed resources, skills, money, or talent.  You can create whatever it is that you wish. 

Finding the Feeling
From this space imagine the answers to the following questions.  What is it that you are doing with your life?  Can you imagine how it looks and feels to be engaged in your favorite activities?  Do you see the people who are participating with you?  How would this shape your day to day living?  You are receiving a stable supporting income from any activity you wish.  What activity or activities are you doing?  Who are you helping?  What challenges are you helping solve?  Sometimes the mind tries to slip in the doubts and "I can't because" at this point, so gently remind it this is your imagination. There are no limits here.  Take some time now to go through and go into these images and feelings.  Remember you are an explorer here to discover a feeling. The questions are the map, your imagination is the land, and the feelings of happiness, excitement, passion, and joy are your compass.  When you've found the feeling make an intent to hold that feeling in your heart for the rest of the day.

Bringing It Back Home
After you are satisfied with this journey return your attention on your breathing.  Feel it's smooth and steady flow.  Take some time to slowly open your eyes and stretch a little.  Write down any insights you gleaned from awakening the dreamer in you.  Any feelings, inspiration, and your experience.  As you continue exploring your inner landscape regularly, you'll find it get's easier and more powerful.  The connections you make during your journeys and the feelings you experience will start to build and carry over into your day to day life.  It will bring you clarity of purpose and rejuvenation of spirit.

The Awakened Dreamer
Everyone can dream, but sometimes we forget how when we get bogged down by the stress of life's details and trying to just get by.  Spending a little time each day having fun as explorers of our inner landscape helps us wake up the dreamer in us.  The insights we gain help us align our external world with our inner core's desires and brings about a fresh perspective for life.  It unblock limitations we've unconsciously and consciously put on ourselves and brings us a clarity of purpose.  You can follow your passion and truly create your ideal life once you know what that passion is.  So fellow dreamer what is your dream?

Post your comments & questions below.


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