Lifestyle design is consciously and intentionally using your mind, body, and soul to create your life. In this 2 part blog we are going to examine 3 types of lifestyle designers, some of the challenges that I've encountered in creating an ideal life, and some tips on how to over come these challenges.  

3 Categories of Lifestyle Designers
  Every one has to live their life, but not every one sees themselves as the designer of their life.  From what I've seen there are three basic categories of lifestyle designers that people fall under.      

The first category is made up of people that realize they are the results of their intentions and actions.  They have found what it is that they want, they've made their plan (aka the steps to get there) and they are following them.  They've often taken the time to ask the bigger questions in life and plan on getting the maximum out of their short time here on Earth.  To them living is an art.  An expression of who they are at their core and an impression they want to leave in the world.  
                                                                     When you get the results your were going for,
                                                         you feel the excitement of being a creator.

The second category are those people who feel life is out of their control and are doing what everyone else is telling them they should/should not be doing.  They can feel lost and apathetic.  They fill up their time with meaningless activities to keep them distracted from having to ask the bigger questions in life. Their plan is to keep riding the waves of life, usually pretty miserably, and wait for something better to be presented to them. 

                               People, schools, and culture are their to help us discover our true selves, 
                                                   not dictate to us how we should be living our lives.

The third category are people who are moving from the second category into the first.  They are explorers and adventures.  Still lost, but it has dawned on them that the world is full of opportunities and they are full of the capability to learn and grow.  They are searching for the bigger questions and want to live a meaningful life filled with all of the joys and wonders of being alive. They may have facets of their lives intentionally laid out, but are still seeking to have the complete ideal life.

                                                                        Your path maybe untraveled but 
                                                                            there is always help near by.

The world is a mix of all three types of people.  What category are you in?  What category do you want to be in?  

Tomorrow we'll learn more about Lifestyle Design.  We'll take look at some of the challenges I've faced with Lifestyle Design and how I over came those challenges.

  Post your comments & questions below.

Score one for empowering the creator and inventor in us all.  Ayah Bdeir has taken the grunt work out of building electronics with her own innovative creation Little Bits.  These awesome new building blocks create light, sound, and motion and are color coded for simple every day use.  Now you no longer need to learn how to solder or program in order to build electronics.  These little guys even have magnets that connect them together so you never connect the wrong ends.  Children are using them.  Designers are using.  You could be using them.  She shows what the kids and designers made and how simple it was.  What would you make with these nifty building blocks?  Post your response below!

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