Do you want to feel more love for yourself?  Do you want a better life filled with more love today, right now?  Here’s 4 easy ways to love you more.  They are easy, quick, and you can start right now!

1. Stand up straight. When you watch your posture and stand up straight you align your spine, give your organs rooms to do what they do, and look your best.  It also helps your muscles relax and saves on using energy.  All things that contribute to feeling your best.  Those little moments that you take to adjust your posture are your confirmation in loving yourself.  It’s easy and takes just seconds.  Done often it builds a strong relationship of love within you.

2. Relax.  Take a moment throughout the day to just be.  If you can close your eyes for a second do. Turn the mind chatter off (it’s only for a moment) and breathe deeply.  Remember while there are many stresses in life, most are not life threatening.  You have everything that you absolutely need in this moment 99% of the time. Things go right more often than they go wrong.  If the opposite were true the world wouldn’t be running and you wouldn’t be where you are.

3. Be kind. Be kind to others, to animals, and yes even to nature.  Kindness fosters moments of sweetness that warms the heart and makes you feel proud to be you.  While at first kindness may seem hard to do, you’ll soon find out it’s the easier option most of the time and the rewards of it last a lifetime.  Being kind to others also allows you to be more kind to yourself.  Especially watch your words and thoughts of others.  When kindness is applied there you’ll find a warm relief in your mind which will eventually translate to being kinder in your mind to how you think and talk to yourself.

4. Say “I love you” to yourself.  Whether it’s a glance in the mirror or little notes left around, tell yourself “I love you”.  Make it fun and see if you can surprise yourself.  Be creative! It’s a wonderful way of bringing the acceptance of you back to yourself.  With living in a world full of judgments, it’s good to know that you have one person that understands you completely and accepts you as you are right now.  Even if you aren’t feeling very accepting of yourself in this moment, practicing this super easy saying will build that feeling up in you.

    Using these 4 easy ways of loving yourself more creates a better relationship with you. Remember you are the only one permanently stuck with you.  There’s no getting out of that, so why not have the most loving relationship you can?  As with every relationship, the relationship with self takes care and maintenance.  That’s why all of these tips are easy, quick, and can be done any time so you can start enjoying a better life right now, today.  Keep with it and enjoy the warmth and love for years to come.

With Love from KAJ
~Inspire the Dream~

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