Whether your in the shower or cleaning, singing brings a little extra something to the moment.  The next time you find yourself tra-la-la-ing along remember not only is it fun, but there are many other benefits as well!
1.  Increased control over breath -useful in our shallow breathing society!
2.  Better posture- to get good sound you need to stand or sit up straight.
3. Sense of levity and contentedness.
 4. Allows for the creativity to flow- especially when you make up your own songs, which I love to do.
 5. Expresses your feelings in the moment and can uplift your feelings as well.
 6. Adds play and fun to whatever activity your doing.
 7. Relaxes the mind and the body.
 8. Bond with friends and make new friends!
 9. Brighten up others day with the sound of happy singing.
 10. Helps you complete mundane tasks.
 11. Gives your life your own personal sound track.
 12. Immersion of self into group consciousness- that wonderful feeling of being us.

  So take the hint from the birds and sing everyday for any occasion and watch your life lighten-up with the sounds of joy. It's fun creating a life for yourself and enjoying it with your own unique soundtrack.

Where is your favorite place to sing?  In the shower, in the car?  What's your favorite music to sing?
Leave your response, comments, and question below.  Don't be shy!  We'd love to hear from you.

   Anotonio Damasio makes connections for us of the wonders, novelty, and possible layout of what consciousness is and how it is made. He reminds us of the wonders of waking up and regaining consciousness every morning. When was the last time you were in awe that you actually woke up today? He also reminds us of the wonders that we can actually see the brain and its activities now. My favorite picture is the one where the actual connections within the brain are shown. While the colors may be just to delineate which direction the connections flow I found it to be fascinating! 
  Anotonio defines consciousness as- 1. A mind, which is a flow of mental images 2. A self, a me that is automatically present.  A conscious mind is a mind with a self in it. A self introduces a subjective perspective in the mind. We are only fully conscious when self comes to mind. This section for me, reminded me much of what I’ve learned about neurolinguistic programming. The map is not the territory.
  He also goes on to explore how minds are put together and how self comes into the mind. Our minds construct neuromaps. These are not just visual maps, but also auditory maps, and maps created by the skin. He believes that we generate self by using a brain map of the body’s interior and using that as a reference for all other maps. The reasoning behind this is that our body’s interior is fairly stable. We only have one body- one point of reference. The chemical and biological management systems are extremely maintained day after day. This is due to our narrow livable range. If anything is too drastically changed then we either will have disease or death. He goes more in depth about this as well as our brain stem and it's links to our consciousness.  Did you know that we have a very specific area in our brain stem that when damaged causes coma/unconsciousness?
  Anotonio begins to wrap up his talk with what makes our consciousness novel.  Considering 3 levels of consciousness (proto self, core self, and autobiographical self) it's the autobiographical self that makes our consciousness novel.  Many other species have the proto self and core self.  Fewer other species including monkeys and dogs also have an autobiographical self to a certain degree.  The autobiographical self is basically our lived past and anticipated future.  It's this that has prompted the things that are the instruments of creating culture.  Our culture is not biologically set, but influenced by our autobiographical self.  A novel thing for our species indeed.
  To wrap it all up, Anotonia asks and answers why we should care where consciousness arises from within our biological frame work.  First is simple curiosity.  Second to understand culture and society. Third is for medicine.  He does a beautiful job of simply explaining all three points and the value they have for us.
  Overall I really enjoyed this talk and felt that he did a great job of linking pieces together for where consciousness might be coming from.  While this area of science is highly debated, his insights provided interesting food for thought.

Do you agree with Antonio about what consciousness is?  Leave a comment below.
  Birthdays and holidays have come and gone.  Snow has fallen and melted.  The year has been rung in with celebration and now we're all getting adjusted back to life.  Finally the KAJ blog is back to being updated!  Where have I been???  Meekly I say, I've been here, finding my inspiration and over coming writers block.  Yep, turns out the writer of this blog is a human too, not just a Ted talk reviewing machine.  I struggle too, to write interesting blogs that might inspire you, the reader.  In my journey to over come my writer's block, I found the joy of all the amazing things that are happening around us.  I can honestly say, if you look for the good, the inspiring, and the interesting you will find it.  With all this goodness it's inspired some very cool upcoming blogs.  Here are some things you can look forward to seeing in the future. 
  • Guest Blogs- We've got some amazing experts that are going to be sharing their wisdom with you.
  • More Ted talk reviews- Since you guys LOVE these!
  • What we're up to here at KAJ- There is something special planned in February we've been working hard on.
  • Inspiration and Personal Growth- New year, new growth.  Let's make this the best year yet!
  Got more ideas for blogs?  Leave us a comment or send us a message.  We'd love to hear from you.


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